République {re•pu•bliq} [noun]

    Hey gorgeous, welcome to République!

    Nothing better than shopping and traveling, right?
    So at République we combine those two amazing things.
    We are taking you around the globe with our full collection in our stores in Utrecht and Amsterdam. Who doesn’t want to reside in the beauty of Ubud and Havana while shopping fabulous brands like République, Loavies, Na-kd, Litchy, Blitsbee and many more?

    Our mission is to keep you babes happy and excited with new fashion and accessories every week. Our collection consists of everything that will make your fashion heart happy while combining trendy and ready to wear outfits.

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    Our house colors are fresh, funky, and full of life; just like our customers. Each color represents one of our clubs and will form part of our private label DNA in branding and labeling.



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