Club République stands at the intersection of vibrant aesthetics and travel-inspired fashion. As a brand, we curate collections that resonate with the modern woman's lifestyle—dynamic, adventurous and fun. Our pieces are crafted with precision, focusing on wearability without compromising on style. The essence of Club République lies in celebrating the free spirit, offering apparel that moves seamlessly from city streets to distant shores. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and the latest trends, our brand is more than just clothing—it's a fashion statement for every journey.

     To inspire the young fashion-minded to be awesome, proud & confident: that’s the mission at LOAVIES. At LOAVIES, they create on-trend and affordable fashion with a fun-loving attitude. LOAVIES is all about a fast, fierce & flexible way of working. Setting the trends with weekly new drops to inspire the young fashion-minded to be awesome, proud & confident. At République we see our customers as young and powerful women, so selling LOAVIES is a match made in heaven!

    At our stores, every piece of jewelry has been exclusively crafted for us by the brand Isabelle Gimaud. These masterpieces remain accessibly priced while exuding high quality. Isabelle Gimaud's collections feature radiant Swarovski crystals, authentic pearls, and metals enriched with both 18 and 24 karat gold, as well as platinum plating. Additionally, a selection of semi-precious gemstones further elevates the range. Every piece is not merely designed but is made with love, making it a genuine testament to craftsmanship and passion.

    Looking for the perfect bag? Black, printed or color blocked? Don’t look any further! At Nunoo they want to make girls feel great about themselves by adding that item which completes the outfit. It is all about being yourself and inspiring each other. Nunoo wishes to celebrate diversity and we strive to build a community that celebrates self-love. So to offer you girls the perfect bags to finish your outfit, we added Nunoo to the collection.

    Embrace your inner bohemian! Revelations feminine silhouettes exude luxury, but are still perfect for an everyday look thanks to the store's casual twist. Revelation mixes authentic looks with on-trend pieces that exude strength and sensuality. Who doesn’t love a bohemian feminine look? We definitely do! 

    Don’t feel like wearing a bra today? LITCHY has got you covered babes! With a range of body accessories allowing people to fearlessly rock any outfit - from strapless dresses to to cropped tops. By encouraging you to try out items you might otherwise hesitate to wear, LITCHY'S goal is to put people at ease within their outfits. Because you will feel comfortable in your skin and clothes because of LITCHY, we had to have their products in our stores! 

    Awesome nail art without spending precious time at the salon? Blitsbee got you covered, babe! Experience the future of manicure with our easy-to-use, trendy nail wraps. These are the perfect items to complete your look, so Blitsbee was a no brainer to add to our product range.

    With their characteristic lines and design, these 'golden' oysters are the eye-catcher in every interior and also an original gift. In addition, each shell is unique in its shape. Besides fashion and traveling we love interior, so these beauties from Maria el Mar are a great addition to our store!

    Taschen is one of the most famous book publishers. They sell amazing books on traveling, fashion, architecture and more. Just the things we love the most, that’s why they fit in perfectly in our stores. The books are not only interesting to read, but also beautiful to use as coffee table books.